Monday, December 13, 2010

Nalle piazza principale

Questa foto e' stata scattata lo scorso anno nella piazza dove si tiene il mercato ogni mercoledi'.

Questa e' un'opera d'arte!!

Per chi ha visitato questa piazza non sono necessarie spiegazioni!!! 
Ce ne sono diverse in giro di queste palle!!

This photo was taken last year in the square where there is the market every Wednesday.

What you see is an artwork!

Explanations are not necessary for who has already visited this square!
There are different balls like this one on the square!!

Welcome to the newest Brisbane daily photo blog. Every day I will post a new photograph, taken somewhere in or around Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Along with the daily photo, I'll share a little bit of everything in Italian and in English.
So this is a good way to practice your Italian ...


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